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Who has Lindsay Lohan slept with? [PICS]
18 pops!
Submitted 5 years ago
backtoreality says,
holy cow -- this is a long list of people. She has been really busy. Click through to see the complete list and photos of her and her lovers -- Harry Morton, Stavros, Criss Angel, Lamas, James Blunt, Wilma, a couple of people in rehab, etc, etc. Ouch.
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Article excerpt from thehollywoodgossip.com — "We've previously taken a look back at the love lives of two of our favorite celebrities, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. When it comes to turbulent and often wild romantic retrospectives, these two have few, if any rivals. Lindsay Lohan is one of those rivals. Below, The Hollywood Gossip reflects on the men (and women!) who have seen...

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Posted 5 years ago
This is cool! Stav made the list.
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Posted 5 years ago
the list left of Wilmer Valderamma from That 70's show...
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